"The ICAE and civil society, key assets for adult education" - Arne Carlsen

»Walking Man«, by Alberto Giacometti (Switzerland, 1901-1966)In the recent CONFINTEA VI Bulletin (#10) of UNESCO's Institute for Lifelong Learning, Arne Carlsen, Director of the Institute, addressed the upcoming World Assembly of the ICAE.

The international adult learning and education community is looking forward to the Ninth World Assembly of the International Council of Adult Education (ICAE), which will take place in Montreal (Quebec, Canada) from 11 to 14 June 2015.

ICAE has always been a key partner for UNESCO due to the great strengths of civil society organizations and non-governmental partners in the area of adult learning and education. The CONFINTEA process, in particular, can benefit from the commitment of ICAE and its regional branches, and from the specific contributions of its representatives before, during and after the international conferences.

ICAE is actively involved in debates on the Post-2015 Development Agenda and in the activities of the UNESCO Institute for Lifelong Learning (UIL). UIL and ICAE share the objective of positioning youth and adult learning and education at the heart of the sustainable development agenda. Indeed, UIL is organizing two sessions at the upcoming World Education Forum (WEF) in Incheon, Republic of Korea, from 19 to 22 May 2015, and has invited ICAE to be on the panel of the session on Youth and Adult Literacy. The Draft Framework for Action of the WEF highlights under the title Education 2030: Towards inclusive and equitable quality education and lifelong learning for all the need “to provide young people and adults throughout the life-course with the flexible skills and competencies they need to live and work in a more sustainable, interdependent, knowledge-based and technology-driven world”.

I am therefore confident that the function and role of adult learning and education for sustainable development will be recognized in the new development goals. I am equally confident that the new Recommendation on Adult Learning and Education will be adopted by UNESCO’s General Conference this autumn, thus ensuring international commitment to improved learning conditions for adults worldwide.

Hence the World Assembly will initiate a series of discussions on the Post-2015 Agenda. I have little doubt that these will contribute to the final versions of policy documents and thereby help to achieve excellent results in the 2015–2030 period.

I wish the International Council of Adult Education a very successful assembly.

Arne CarlsenArne Carlsen
Director, UNESCO Institute for Lifelong Learning


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