La Francophonie in the spotlight at the ICAE World Assembly

organisation internationale de la francophonie

RESDAC, the organization which works for the development of skills and literacy in French in Canada outside Quebec, and the Organisation internationale de la Francophonie (OIF) (International Organization of Francophonie) will be partners of the World Assembly of the International Council of Adult Education, to be held in Montreal in June. While RESDAC and the host Institut de coopération pour l`éducation des adultes (ICÉA) will ensure a role played by French speakers from Canada and Québec, the OIF has confirmed its significant support by promoting the active participation of delegations from French-speaking countries to this event

French is one of the three official languages of the International Council and of the World Assembly. Francophones constitute a significant proportion of people participating in the event and this will not be limited to groups from Québec. Indeed, the Assembly will include major international Francophone participation made possible by the support of the International Organization of the Francophonie (OIF), amongst others.


on parle françaisThe OIF is an international organization representing the countries sharing French as a language. In addition to the promotion and development of French culture and the French language, the OIF focuses on education as one of its priority areas. The support of OIF to the World Assembly helps make possible the participation of delegations from Francophone countries, in particular those in Africa. For more information on the OIF, visit the organization's website.


As well, the RESDAC and ICÉA conducted a consultation with groups and organizations of Francophone minority communities in Canada. This approach aims to paint a picture of the situation of education and training of adults and identifying various obstacles to the development of competencies and skills among Francophone adults in the Canadian provinces. In addition to 70 responses obtained from an online survey, three regional meetings were held, one in Moncton and two on-line sessions for Ontario and Western and Northern Canada. A Francophone Space will be an opportunity to present the conclusions of this process as part of a World Assembly workshop. It will reveal the results, but above all will discuss recommendations to support the development of Francophone communities. (




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