At the opening of the WA : Women, Natives and Decolonization of Education

marche des femmes

The International Council for Adult Education ( ICAE ) and its Gender and Education Office (GEO), together with the World Women`s March ( WWM ) in Quebec will hold the opening public plenary of the ICAE World Assembly “Global Commitments, Local Practices”, on Thursday 11th, June 2015, under theme Adult learning and education, power relations and community engagement.

Decolonizing knowledge and education

Around the world, indigenous and racialized peoples are challenging what is knowledge and how education functions to maintain fundamental injustices and inequalities grounded in Western Countries. We, adult educators, activists and the women movements, are involved in redefining education in order to open the doors to ending racial hierarchy. This opening panel of the ICAE World Assembly will unite women involved in these struggles from different regions of the world to decolonize knowledge and education.

The event will be chaired by ICAE GEO, a strong pillar of ICAE for years. GEO’s mandate has been to develop a systemic analysis of the interlinkages between gender and education while simultaneously considering the effects of poverty, racism, discrimination against indigenous people, ageism, an other forms of inequalities that currently exclude, abuses and undervalue
individuals, groups and nations.

marche des femmes


  • Viviane Michel, president of Quebec Native Women and spokeswoman of the World March of Women in Quebec will speak to the conditions that facilitate the building of trust in relations between indigenous and non-indigenous people.
  • Sandra Moran, leader of the World March of Women in Guatemala will speak to the process of placing indigenous knowledge at the centre of a feminist popular education movement in a country marked by colonial oppression of indigenous peoples. 
  • Helena Wong from Grassroots Global Justice and the group spearheading the World March of Women in the United States will speak to the reclaiming of feminism centred in the knowledge and the leadership of women of colour. 
  • Celita Eccher, former Secretary General of ICAE and member of the Board of Trustees of Development Alternatives with Women for a New Era (DAWN)
  • Aminata Diallo Boly, Programme Coordinator of Education at Andal & Pinal Association for the training of nomadic pastoral communities in Burkina Faso
  • Swarnlata Mahilkar, Project Associate of the rural women’s Literacy and empowerment at Nirantar (India)
  • M => Shirley Walters, Professor at the University of Western Cape and member of the Ministerial Oversight Committee on Transformation in the South African Public Higher Education

Thursday evening June 11, 8h pm
at 3200 Jean Brillant, at the University of Montreal
(Côte-des-Neiges metro station)

The activity is part of the World Assembly, which will continue on Friday and Saturday, June 12 and 13   However, it is an activity open to the public, through a voluntary contribution of $ 10 or $ 5 depending on the status of the participant.


This activity will be held Thursday evening June 11, 8h pm at 3200 Jean Brillant, at the University of Montreal (Côte-des-Neiges metro station)


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