Social integration enterprises in the spotlight

entreprises d'insertionThe Ninth World Assembly of the International Council for Adult Education will spotlight several social integration enterprises. This is an important opportunity for these groups to make their expertise known. The Institut de Coopération pour l’Éducation des Adultes (ICÉA) has decided to celebrate these social economy organisations by choosing them as the main suppliers of products and services during this international meeting and also by celebrating them through a banquet held in their honor on Friday night. The Director of ICÉA, Ronald Cameron, believes that this is an excellent opportunity to publicize widely not just the quality, but also the diversity of their services.

entreprises d'insertionDuring the World Assembly, the participants` bags will be made by Les Petites Mains, the printing of programs and posters will be assigned to Imprime-Emploi and La Corbeille will act as caterer for lunches, cocktails and the banquet. These groups are members of the Collectif des entreprises d’insertion du Québec.

ICÉA`s confidence in these social enterprises demonstrates the importance of these group`s  efforts to fight poverty and exclusion through the training and support that they offer to those with serious difficulties to integrate into the job market. M. Cameron says that his main incentive for supporting them is that ICÉA and these insertion groups have a very similar orientation; ICÉA supports these organisations that help families in difficulty to overcome their impoverishment over the long term.

A fine example of partnership

The Collectif des entreprises d’insertion du Québec, which celebrates its twentieth anniversary this year, appreciates the focus on them through the voice of its CEO Richard Gravel who said:

"We are proud that the social integration enterprises have been selected as supplier for this important international event. This is a true recognition of the expertise and quality of products and services of insertion enterprises. By this responsible and sustainable choice, the International Council and ICÉA thus contribute to the qualification and training of under-educated people in order to allow their employment integration but also their return to school."

The collaboration between these two organizations is therefore quite natural as they collaborate during the World Assembly to make known these social integration organisations which are having a sustainable socio-economic impact.


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