The World Assembly of Adult Education is working to become an environmentally sustainable event

eco friendlyThe Montreal-based Institut de coopération pour l`éducation des adultes (ICÉA) is working with the Université de Montréal so that the World Assembly in adult education will be an environmentally sustainable event.

Several steps have already been integrated into the planning of the event: reusable dishes will be used during the feeding of the 400 expected participants. Meatless dishes will be available. Drinking water will come from water fountains as the Université de Montréal has banned plastic water bottles on campus. Participants in the World Assembly will also be invited to adopt a water container and to fill it regularly.

At lunchtime, meals will be eaten in the Chez Valère cafeteria which has a composting service. Bins for waste products and other bins for recyclable materials will be located in the halls. The opening cocktail and the banquet on Friday evening will be staffed by social inclusion organisations in the food industry from the Montreal region. There will be no food waste because, in the event of extra food, it will be distributed to organisations which work with the needy.

As for transportation, ICÉA is working with Société de transport de Montréal (STM) transit agency to provide participants of the World Assembly with bus and subway tickets.

As for the issue concerning the emission of greenhouse gases caused by the travel of delegates from dozens of countries, the ICÉA is considering various options to offset these emissions; participants are encouraged to reflect on how they can participate in compensating the effect of these emissions.

To be continued!



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