Action research to improve youth and adult literacy. Empowering learners in a multilingual world


One of the greatest challenges in education today is to adapt and respond to a linguistically and culturally diverse world, and to combat social disintegration and discrimination. Participatory action research has become a common feature of high-quality youth and adult education services. It opens up opportunities for individual and collective empowerment and transformation through collective learning.

This book provides guidance for trainers of youth and adult educators and for those who manage non-formal education and curriculum development programmes in youth and adult literacy. It is also aimed at publishers and authors who want to improve their services and products by collaborating more closely with their respective readerships.

The authors link theory and practice, which have often been treated separately in the training of adult literacy personnel. They share knowledge on how collaborative and participatory action research can be used to develop high-quality adult literacy programmes and other services in multilingual and multicultural contexts. In addition, they suggest a frame of reference for high-quality youth and adult literacy education.

Download free of charge: - The book will also be available in French


Main Themes

of the World Assembly

All along the Assembly, these themes will be developed through panels, seminars, workshops, keynote speeches, presentation of papers and applied theatre.

Plenary sessions will have translation facilities in English, French and Spanish. Workshops will where possible be bi- or tri-lingual, and the language of sessions will be clearly identified in the final programme.

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