Promotion of basic skills at the workplace with the Swiss GO Model


In ten companies of all sizes, training for low skilled workers have been sucessfully carried out. These trainings of about 30 hours each are based on the requiements of concrete workplace situations and the needs of the workers in the area of basic skills; benefits both for the company and the workers are thus assured. Furthermore the transfer of learning back to the workplace is a major focus of the GO Model.

Specific further education for experienced trainers and consultants in order to implement the GO Model was developed:  a GO Toolkit contains guides and descriptors to support the professionals in their work within the companies.

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Main Themes

of the World Assembly

All along the Assembly, these themes will be developed through panels, seminars, workshops, keynote speeches, presentation of papers and applied theatre.

Plenary sessions will have translation facilities in English, French and Spanish. Workshops will where possible be bi- or tri-lingual, and the language of sessions will be clearly identified in the final programme.

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